Easy Tours

Our easy tours are based from hotels and include very little camping or safari tented accommodations. Camping may be an option, check itinerary. Drive times and road quality varies on each departure- please inquire for specific information about your specific tour. The tours often have optional short walks and hikes with little elevation gain. Easy tours may include less demanding optional sea kayaking (for example in the Galapagos), easier river floats (class I and II rapids), or short horse back rides. Elevations of overnight stays rarely exceed 10,000 feet with an exception being Cusco (en route to Machu Picchu) at 11,500 feet.

Moderate Tours

Our moderate tours may involve optional hikes on moderate terrain that can last up to three hours at elevations below 10,000 ft. The tours may contain accommodations in safari style tents, yurts, vehicle supported camps or small boat cruises. Moderate tours may also include longer sea kayak excursions, multi-day rivers with class III rapids, and full day or overnight camel or horse back rides.  Similar to easy tours driving distances and road quality vary on each departure, please ask us about the trip you are interested in. 

Rigorous Tours

Our rigorous tours involve trips that may include optional full day hikes with significant elevations gains and/or a collection of more vigorous daily activities including overnight sea kayak trips, single or multi-day river trips on class IV rapids or hikes on glaciers. A tour may also be rated rigorous due to its remote location, basic accommodations, or extreme altitude as found for instance in Tibet where elevations may reach over 16,000 feet. Long arduous travel days on extremely poor roads may also be part of what makes a tour garner the rigorous rating.